Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's Time to LISTEN !!!!

Below are two of the MOST dangerous men on the face of our planet today ...

They represent freedom of mind, body and spirit that threatens not only the way things are, but the way many vested powers want things to remain ...

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness The Dalai Lama are two of my personal heroes ... their lives, their spirits, and their words are worth not only hearing, and heeding, but using as an example of what a life of respect, mindfulness and HOLINESS are ALL about ...

And today they are very much part of an unfolding story that is challenging our world to see the pivotal point at which we stand where in we can decide to be complacent and DO NOTHING, or we can say - "ENOUGH!!!" and collectively do SOMETHING that will forever alter the course of human history ...

I was never a fan of the idea that the Olympics were going to Beijing.

The gild of the Olympic Lily began to fade for me when they let professional athletes compete in both Basketball AND Hockey ... but my interest in EVEN watching the Olympics vanished when the 2008 Games were announced ...

WRONG COUNTRY ... WRONG MESSAGE ... and NOTHING will convince me otherwise ...

Now with the recent happenings in Tibet my sentiment of how wrong this ALL is has only deepened ... the protests against the International relay of the Torch proves that those of us feeling this way are not just few in number, and we are not just the marginalized ... we are a growing voice that is saying

NO to the occupation of Tibet.

NO to our Governments' willingness to ignore human right issues in China.

NO to the change through economics philosophy.


AND - NO to the Olympics being held in China.

This morning when the clock radio clicked in the first words that I heard was the voice of Desmond Tutu calling on the world to BOYCOTT the Summer Olympics ... he began with the words - "FOR GOD'S SAKE ..."

If there is anyone who knows about the struggle for freedom ... it is is he and his fellow country men who lived through Apartheid ... (To read more - click here)

When someone like Desmond Tutu speaks ... we dare NOT listen ... he is the one who said in the deep darkness of the Apatheid struggle that Apartheid would fall because it was against the will of GOD ... and anything that opposes God will NEVER stand ... he said it in a time and place where the fall of Apartheid seemed unlikely and near impossible ... yet, a few short years later, I REMEMBER weeping as Nelson Mandela stepped out of prison ... then weeping with joy when he and his country men and women celebrated his installation as President!!


The Western Media said - "it was inevitable" ... but voices like Tutu's (and Jim Wallis from SoJo's) remind us that there was a deep dark time when it seemed IMPOSSIBLE ... but folks like Tutu spoke up and spoke out and kept speaking inspite of the opposition ... and they called us to ACTION.


Today those voice call us to ACTION AGAIN ... this time to boycott the Olympics and to say to China AND the WORLD - ENOUGH !!!






It is time to listen !!!!


With dangerous men like Tutu and The Dalai Lama involved, we dare NOT ignore them !!!


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