Friday, April 11, 2008

To the pinheads who keep holding to the lies:

To the "anonymous" asses who keep leaving their venomous comments on this site - and to the others who have NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN spread malicious and hurtful gossip that is simply and utterly UNTRUE here's a reality check for you:

I didn't break up a "happy" marriage ... I didn't break up ANY marriage!! To even imply THAT is a lie ...

I haven't been running around!!!

I DEFINITELY haven't slept with ANY BARMAIDE (oh by the way - can you PLEASE learn how to spell?? And try using GOOD GRAMMAR too !!!)

I DID NOT GET FIRED because I had an affair!!!
I GOT "fired", but it wasn't because I had an affair ... and anyone who says so is a liar, and WILL hear from my lawyer !!!

M and I are separated because we've come to the realizations that we can't live together in a healthy way!!! We remain friends because we had 15 years and THREE beautiful children together and WE WILL DO EVERYTHING in our power to love THEM unconditionally!!

I am NOT a drunk. I have an occasional beer, or glass of wine, and once in a very very very long while have gone out with my friends (both male and female) in Brandon and had a bit too much ... Contrast this with some so-called fine upstanding citizens who are at the liquour store daily ... and ask - "who's the drunk?"

I have friends that are BOTH male and female, because that's a sign of maturity and BEING AN adult!! I have friends I've met online that I have have meals and coffee with, but have NOT slept with them, and even if I did - who's business is it anyway ????!!!!

I DO HAVE great insight in a great number of things ... I am EXTREMELY intelligent, well read, and thanks to the last 8 months of gut-wrenching searching of heart and soul - I am in a far better place THAN I have ever been, and I am no longer ashamed, nor embarrassed to speak my mind because when I speak - I DO KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!

I AM NOT a hypocrite, nor a liar, nor a lowlife, NOR deserving of the treatment I have received at the hands of the Community of Minnedosa, the Board of the Church, and those self-appointed judges who have deemed me unworthy because they have told the same lies over and over and over until they "know" it is true. Just because you tell something enough doesn't make it true.

I, FOR ONE know the truth.

I know what happened. AND I know that two years ago I asked the Board of Minneodsa United Church to help me STOP the lies and gossip that were emanating from the Office, and the Board table and THEY did ABSOLUTELY nothing. They insisted we should wait and let the rumours die down ...

Now over two years later - the rumours persist. The gossip has not gone away. And I stand amazed at the inability of so many to grasp the truth.

A wise friend once said - "Shawn, shit doesn't flow up hill !!!"

Minnedosa, the Valley Paradise is living proof of THAT!!!!

I've had enough of the lies, the gossip and the utter BULLSHIT!!!

I have had my van shot at, my house shot at, emails sent to friends uttering snippets of these lies, I've had my van tires slashed, my safety threatened in writing, I've had a million hang up calls, and I've watched as small minded idiots destroyed a reputation I spent 15 years building one loving action at a time.

I've been a loving and loyal husband!
I've been a good and caring Father!!
I've been a faithful and steadfast friend!!

AND I can stand tall with my head held high and my shoulders set because at the END OF THE DAY, I have NEVER lost my integrity, and I have never done anything that I need to be ashamed of.

I am tired of people trying to tear me down and destroy me. Find something better to do and just shut the HELL UP !!

This is MY life, and the only people I want to hear from are those who have something valuable to say ... and accusing me of falsities and lies is neither valuable, nor welcome!!!

I don't care what you've heard around the coffee shop, at the Legion, at Bowling, or over the phone - unless you've heard it from ME - it is PURE 100% unadulterated BULLSHIT !!!! Remember they always say - CONSIDER THE SOURCE!!!

Oh, and FOR THE RECORD - I never took one penny from the church more than what was owed or entitled to me. BUT, I have the written and signed promissory note from the couple who DID take $7000 as a hardship loan from the Church, and have yet to repay it !!!

So to those who want to tear me down I have only one last thing to say - Just go away !!!!


Jaydee said...

You are not the only one who knows the truth. I may not have always been the best friend I could have been, but I have always tried to defend your character, as I know it to be. I know that you have not had an affair.. I know this, because it is "I" that you are RUMOURED to have had the affair with. Needless to say, I have suffered the battery of the gossip and lies and untruths in the spreading of this bullshit.

The reasons for the separation in MY marriage are between me and my husband, and they aren't because you tried to break up our marriage.

I remain devastated and so very deeply hurt that members of my "marital" family have actually been ones to intiate and spread so many of the vicious lies... and they may ultimately be the ones who will have to live with the pain of knowing they've destroyed their child's life and marriage by their ignorance. It's shocking to me, that after doing this to me once before and being caught in their lies and deception, and after they made endless phone calls with apologies and asking for my forgiveness--they've actually had the nerve to do it to me again..

I have lost the support and friendship of my own blood relatives, the family that caused me to move to Minnedosa in the first place. They have for the past several months, chosen to believe the garbage gossip and cut me out of their lives. My own 13 yr old niece has trash talked about her aunty, and then turns around and smiles and waves at me.

My children have been with me every day of every week, it would seem that if in fact I had been having an affair with you, or anyone else, GEE, THEY MIGHT HAVE NOTICED!!!!!!!! The only time my kids weren't with me, was when they went to visit their dad.. And during those times, I spent MY time with my husband trying to resolve some issues.. Again, if I was with my husband in my free time, how the hell was I running around or dating??????

It is obvious that people don't care to know the truth, don't want to know the truth.. the reality is, it's just too boring. Not one person who has engaged in the gossip or lies or the spreading of it, has ever come to me personally and asked me for the truth--Just as they don't come to you.. Again, they don't want to know the truth; it's not exciting or fun or worth stopping someone on the street for, or in the grocery store or legion or the coffee shop. They simply cannot sensationalize the truth in the same way they can a lie.

I could go on and on, but unfortunately, it wouldn't matter, the bullshit will continue.

I'm sorry that the friendship we had carried such a high price to pay.


sallie said...


what is up with that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawn, What has and is happening to you, is such mystery to me. It is so hard to believe. What ever happened to treating other as you would like to be treated? Obviously those idiots who are still spreading lies and gossiping, will get theirs in the end. I also think that they should look back at the 9th commandment, "You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor" The truth will prevail. You and your friends know the truth and that is the main thing. Nothing should be believed unless it comes directly from your mouth.


shauna said...

Shawn, so sorry you've had to suffer through this. And to think, until this moment, I had no idea the extent of the burden you were carrying. I think that says a lot about you and your character. Hang in there!

Dr. Suess once said, "Be who you are and say what you feel because who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." I like to think I matter, and all those leaving venomous comments don't...

Anonymous said...

the person who is spreading and sending all this garbage will understand the following comment:
sun don't shine on the same dog's tail all the time.
For the rest of us who knows how to spell and hopefully has good grammer the comment means the tables will turn.