Thursday, December 13, 2007

Birthday Greetings to an OLD OLD OLD Friend !!!

Hmmm ... how do you summarize a friendship that truthfully began when the two participants were safely ensconced in the respective wombs of the mothers carrying growing babies in their bellies??

One of the nurses at Dr S's office back in Stratford would turn out to be the mom of the baby that over the next 40 years would become and remain a dear and much loved friend ...

Even though in recent years our contact has been limited by distance, the arrival of family and life trajectories that have taken us in different paths, D (the hunk on the left) and I remain friends bound by a long, long, long history ... (and yes, that's me on the right ... and I'm actually getting close to reclaiming the look I had 20 years ago when that pic was taken!! I just wish I could get the hair back though ...)

Bike rides, lego cities, hot wheels cars, hikes, camping trips, road hockey games, surviving his pesky little sister, tormenting his younger brother, getting sent home because one of both of them ratted us out, bouncing on the trampoline, swimming in our respective swimming pools, endless hours of board games (Still LOVE Stock Ticker !!!!), soccer games, attending school, and a million other moments of life shared with one who was to use a cliche - "my BEST friend" through my childhood and into my adulthood ...

We've had our moments ... there's been lots of laughter, more than a few tears, and more than just a couple of fights ... there have been moments when we may not like each other very much and have exchanged heated and even hurtful words ... but through it all, a silvery thread has kept us together as friends.

That thread has never been in doubt ...

If I picked up the phone today and called him ... and maybe I should ... we could pick up where we left off, be it a month or a year ago ... our lives may guide us into strange and bizarre places, but the thread of friendship remains there ... sometimes stretched and thinned, but never broken.

And for that simple fact, and for the presence in my life of one who is without question my oldest friend (at the very very very least, the guy deserves HUGE credit for remaining a friend of ME for ALL those years !!!!! Either that, or he should be sent for some psychological assessment... ), for the steadfast friendship that has always been part of my life - I AM PROFOUNDLY and deeply THANKFUL!!!

So D ... to you I raise a toast today as I wish you a very heartfelt Happy 40th Birthday !!!!

Having hit that mark a few weeks ago it's good to be able to wish you a Happy Birthday today, and may BOTH of us be blessed enough to celebrate many more !!!

All the best to S and your not-so wee ones too !!!
Have a good one old friend ...
Happy Birthday !!!

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