Friday, December 07, 2007

Joy ...

Joy is the dynamic aspect of Being.
When the creative power of the universe
becomes concious of itself, it manifests as JOY.
Joy does not come from what you do,
it flows into what you do and thus into
the world from deep WITHIN you.
- Eckhart Tolle
It's too bad that so many people never experience the fullness of JOY ... you can often see it in them ... the angry faces, the cold vacant eyes, the hunched shoulders, the tight bodily stances, the consumption of alcohol and drugs in search of a euphoria, the anger and fear, the examples of violence ... ALL around us people are lacking true JOY in their life, and rather than finding ways of allowing that joy to pour forth from their souls, they instead work diligently to quash the JOY that eminates from those around them ...
I for one KNOW the value and the power of JOY ... and as continue my journey of growth and evolution, I won't let anyone rob me of the JOY I've reclaimed from deep within ...

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