Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Some pictures need no explanation.


sallie le doux said...

My best and most comfortable moments in my childhood were with cats. The times I was able to enjoy the luxury of a long relationship with a feline was a specail thing for me, My mother was spooked by cats on and in my bed and moments under the cover with cat-girl commumnication going on.

Calico cats are especially wonderful, perky, inquisitive and curious.
My Calico is named Jennie, for our beloved Auntie Angie, loving named by our youngest son as: AnnJennie.

Cats are special friends for all of us, older (I am in just a hair past mmm 46 hmm..) and those, younger just forming positive relationships and perceptions, or like my Mama in the hospital (I call her Mom because she is a special Grandma, age 86.
Cat relationships rule...

shauna said...

I'm enjoying all your pictures, especially snow angels. What great kids!