Monday, December 10, 2007

Do you remember??

Do you remember when Mickey Mouse tee-shirts were a sign of having travelled to either Disney World or DisneyLand??
I still remember my first one (bought at DisneyLand when I went at the age of 6 with my uncle) ... it was white with a Mickey picture on the back like the one above ... my second tee-shirt (bought when mom and took me to Disney World at 14) was a denim blue colour (all the rage in the 80's) and had a black and red Mickey emblazoned on it ... Those were the days when a Disney tee-shirt was worn as a "badge"of honour.
Now with the saturating marketing of Disney themed products it's not big deal to find, purchase and wear a Mickey Mouse Tee-shirt ... moreover it's hard to even find the old vintage Mickey Tee-shirts ... it kind of makes me pine for the simpler times before Disney over marketed EVERYTHING and inspired society to engage in a pathological hobby of shopping ...

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