Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Feline Study by Ms. H.

Ms H's new digital camera has had a real work out since Christmas morning ... for your viewing pleasure I offer some pictures she's snapped of our feline family members:

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sallie said...

Keep up the good work in Feline Photography! They are hard subjects in the refuse to post, and always move when you want them to stay still, and stay still when you want them to move!
Kitties are precious and much photography can be devoted to them, think of all the posters, calendars, pictures, magazines etc. Never give up! Keep going! If you love cats your love will shine through the pictures, and the cats will respond to you...
As I said, keep up the great work!!
SL (published photographer:on the news. )
That is the other thing, submit photos whenever possible to make a name for yourself!!! You go, girl!!