Tuesday, December 25, 2007

YES !!! My Prezzies ...

I'm the first to cry that Christmas is way way way too commercial, and to remind myself and others that it isn't the presents, the food, the booze or any of the other things often associated with this time of year in our society ... (seriously, why when I popped into the liquor store yesterday were to grab a bottle of wine for dinner tonight - a single BOTTLE - did I see SO many people heavily laden with purchases of OBSCENE amounts of alcohol??? When the birthday of the Prince of Peace become a sodden HOLY DAY ????) ...

But today I am feeling quite content with the gifting that has happened here today ... it was a low key Christmas with few gifts, but the ones that were given had deeper meaning because they were from the heart ...

The highlights from my gift list include:

- The Fawlty Towers DVD !!!

- two sets of Coltrane CD's - SEVEN complete albums in total !!!

- a bottle of Cat Pee on a Goose Berry Bush white wine, (How can you NOT love the name ??)

- a new set of PJs

- a very large dark chocolate Toblerone bar (from H - to go with the wine)

- this year's Wizard of Oz Ornaments from Hallmark (after 15 years, the collection is getting QUITE large)

- the dancing gopher from the movie "Caddyshack" who grooves to "I'm alright"

and best of all:

- the quiet satisfaction of three children who were thrilled with the gifts they got from family, friends, and the Jolly Old Elf himself ... and who contently playing with thier new toys ...

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