Thursday, June 21, 2007

After the Rain ... (AGAIN!!!)

For the second night in a row, we got hit with a wicked thunderstorm,
I missed the beautiful FULL rainbow that filled the sky when the rain stopped,
but after the rain came a glorious blue sky
as the thunderstorm rolled off to the east ...
Yes, those white specks in the picture are drops of water !!

Looking down Main St at the torrent of water flowing down the hill.

Ms. H's garden looking very wet.

Beetle's garden looking even MORE sodden !!

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Candygirlflies said...

I know it's hard, but try to enjoy the rain and damp weather out there!! My bachelor farmer great-uncles were ALWAYS complaining about the heat and dry conditions... "Bad for the crops!" don't you know...

Of course, it IS a challenge to "enjoy" tornado season, isn't it? Just be glad it's not a locust plague (you been in one of those yet??)