Sunday, June 24, 2007

Can This Be Any Clearer????

First came the news that a wheat gluten used in cat and dog food was contaminated with a toxin that was killing cats and dogs throughout North America ... then came the news that Thomas the Tank Engine Toys were painted with a hazardous lead based paint ... and finally comes the news that a toothpaste purportedly made in South Africa originated in China and was found to contain a toxin used in such consumable products like anti-freeze and brake fluid ...

It all begs the question: "What the HELL is wrong with us??? That we keep accepting and buying AND USING products from China ????"

Is our lust for the almighty bargain that pathetic that we will put the health and well being of our pets, our children and even ourselves at risk to save a few pennies ????

MY GOD, we are the wealthiest society in the history of this planet, and we are still miserable and discontented with the over abundance of stuff that we fill our lives with ???

What is wrong with us???
Obesity is running (okay walking with a wheeze) rampant ... debt loads from over spending are simply abhorrent ... we lust for the biggest and the best and the newest and the most modern of everything ... our values are skewed ... and our society is miserably unhappy ... and yet we continue to buy, buy, buy ... even George W. Bush in the wake of 9/11, encouraged his citizens not to worry, but to return to their shopping !!!!!!!!!!!!

Have we NOT learned that spending more and more and more will NOT bring us happiness???

If recent product warnings from China are any indication, spending more and more and more will only serve to bring us more misery in the form of ill health ... when we finally realize that what ails us will not be cured nor treated by our repeated visits to the local mall, or big block retailers, but by focusing on what's really important ... the stuff you can't buy or sell???

I hope we can learn before it's too late ... in the meantime, perhaps a boycott of ALL products produced and/or sourced in China, as well as a boycott of retailers who carry them, might be in order ...

I guess I won't be hitting the big BLUE and WHITE store anytime soon ...

Anyone else with me ???

Your health may well depend on it ... for now, remember three simple words:

people before profits !!!!!

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