Thursday, June 07, 2007


Every once in awhile a friend offers a gift that is valuable beyond belief ... it is a sometimes something that simply makes a difference, and often the giver is unaware of how meaningful it was to the one recieving it ... tonight I had two friends offer me such gifts ...

First was a game of Cribbage over coffee at Chipperfields ... I haven't played cribbage since Noahkila was a baby (13 years or more !!??) So, I started off not able to even remember how to score points, much less count the cards. But by the time the game ended (and I somehow won) we were laughing our way through each hand with a chorus of cheerleaders sitting with us ... I think a good time was had by all ... I know I had fun ...

Then after Chipperfields closed for the night, we stood outside in the rain beside a truck, watching three Mr Deity podcasts on an Ipod, listening to them over the truck stereo ... hilarious doesn't begin to describe them ... They are not for the serious religious searcher. They are irreverent, hysterical and down right funny ... With wit, wisdom and humour, Mr Deity, Larry, Jesse, and Lucy poke fun at modern day religion (I recommend the Super Bowl press conference myself, though the Top Ten video clip is pretty good too ...), and remind us of the importance of lightening up once inawhile.

If you're easily offended - don't click on the link ... but if you want to have a good diversion and a few laughs - GO FOR IT !!!

And SO, for my friends T & J - two beautiful women who in their own unique ways helped brighten my otherwise rainy day - THANKS !!! From the bottom of my heart - thanks. I don't think either of them realize what a gift they offered to me today ... And to A for her help counting Crib cards - "you're awesome !!"

Together you three (and the other yahoos we hung with) helped make my night a whole lot brighter ...

To check out Mr Deity, click on picture above ... let me know what you think !!

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