Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The CORNY island of Dr Moreau ...

It never made the claim of being "great" theatre ...
... but it was fun ...
... it was entertaining ...
and it was put on by the kids of our local elementary school,
and it was utterly wonderful.
The Coney Island of Dr Moreau
is not high brow theatre,
it doesn't even border on the silly,
it camps out there ...
but tonight the production put on by the kids of
our local elementary school was just plain delightful.
The kids ALL did a good job,
even Noahkila as Montgomery was smashing.
The boy made his dad proud and left
me utterly speechless.
I wish I had half the confidence he showed,
and I wish I could sing
and even do some dancing like he did ...
For once, the old man was in awe.
I am very proud of my boy tonight !!!
(and of Ms H in the chorus/choir too)
So, to the kids of TCS: GOOD JOB !!!
And to the staff and volunteers who helped make it happen:
Thanks !!!
It was great !!

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