Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And the final curtain fall ...

He was extra-ordinary,
he was eccentric,
he was simply incredible.
How do you summarize 87 years of life,
close to 40 of them on the boards
of the Stratford Festival???
So many roles ... from cross dressing in Wilde,
to being Prime Minister MacDonald on television,
to playing Shakespeare's Prospero,
William Hutt had quite a career.
But today the final curtain has fallen ...
I can only echo Candygirlflies'
Rest Well Mr Hutt, you've earned your reward.
Tonight I can only think of Hutt's Fool
to Peter Ustinov's Lear ...
could there have been a better protrayal of The Bard??
William Hutt
1920 - 2007
One of the Great Ones !

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