Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Big Day Arrives !!!!

to Triss & Cory Parrott
on their beautiful wedding today !!!
May the two of you always treat
each other with kindness and LOVE !!
And may you remember that
our thoughts and prayers are with you always!!

Back in June ... I missed out on their Social ... I was actually looking forward to going to the wedding ... Thier ceremony this afternoon was simply awesome ... The dinner and the dance will be starting shortly ... BUT tonight, like that lovely night in June ... I'm once again just sitting at home ... I simply can't go ... It's not worth it ...

Ironically enough, it's for the same damned reasons ...


There is NO WHERE ELSE I wanted to be tonight ... There are no words to describe the disappointment and sorrow I feel in this moment because of this ...


And the ultimate down side for me tonight is that I don't even have a cigar to enjoy on the front step ... DAMNED !! DAMNED !! DAMNED !!!

Oh well, maybe one day someone else will invite me to their wedding and I may actually get to go ... one can always hope ...

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