Friday, August 03, 2007

One of my FAVOURITE foods !!!

I have to make a confession of sorts ... one of my favourite foods is the simple humble pancake.

In a stack, under a fried egg, dripping with syrup (preferably Ontario Maple), slathered in peanut butter, or with a touch of butter and a some raspberry or strawberry jam ... it really doesn't matter. I JUST LOVE pancakes.

I could have them for any meal, and I enjoy cooking them for my kids, for family and for company. There are few more comforting smells then a kitchen awash in the scent of fresh coffee and hot pancakes on the grill.

In our family pancakes for supper on Shrove Tuesday starts Lent, and on St Patrick's Day Green Pancakes and green milk are the order of the day ... many long days have ended with a batch of pancakes for supper ... and almost any morning our house has overnight visitors finds a stack of pancakes placed on the table for breakfast.

We eat them at home. We eat them when travelling. And the kids always look forward to Grandpa's hotcakes when we have visited in BC ... Pancakes a staple for us !!

One of my most memorable meals of ALL time was an early morning stop at a tiny out of the way restaurant in BC's Chilcotin, where we enjoyed a very, very, very filling breakfast special. The PLATTER arrived with three of the biggest pancakes I've ever seen - most dinner plates are smaller - three fried eggs on top, and on the side a mountain of bacon and sausages, as well as a plate of toast!!!!

That single meal (I cleaned the platter!!!) fueled me for the entire 11 hour drive to Vancouver that day ... we only stopped for gas, water and the occassional coffee !!!

Such is my love of the humble pancake - BUT - what I like most about pancakes is taking a cold left over pancake later in the day and spreading it with jam and peanut butter, or a slice of cheese and some apple !!! There are few snacks as yummy as a cold pancake sandwich !!!

There ... now that I have that off my chest, yesterday's left over pancakes are sitting in the fridge and I'm feeling a bit peckish ...

Hmmm !!!

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