Friday, August 03, 2007

Some new BLOGS to check out:

The other day a comment left here lead me to a wonderful blog called "Wanderin' Weeta" by a woman living in the Lower Mainland of BC. It's a hard blog to describe - it has pictures of BC coastal scenes, insects, and a HUGE variety of other things ... In short - it is just cool. My first cruise through left me feeling a bit homesick for BC and the coast ... not going this summer finally hit when I looked at Susannah's pictures.

But check it out for yourself - take some time to explore past postings, and just enjoy the fabulous photographs (like the ONE above) she's posted there - I can almost guarantee you WON'T be disappointed.

Click here to go: Wanderin' Weeta (with waterfowl and weeds)


While The Chipperfield Chronicles have fallen silent, owner/operator and friend Bonnie has decided to try her hand at Blogging with a new blog. There isn't much there yet, but she promises there WILL be.

Bonnie's Blog (as it called) won't be about Chipperfields, but will be musing and reflections and perhaps the occasional rant about her life and her world view ... Having spent much time in conversation with Bonnie I look forward to seeing where this blog will go and what she'll write about ... SO - stay tuned: Bonnie's Blog is on the air ...

Enjoy !!!!


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Wow! Thanks for the write-up and links!

By the way, had you noticed my Bella Coola trip series?

It is here (in reverse order).

rev. shawn said...

Yes, I checked out the Bella Coola pics the first night I cruised your blog ... brought back many fond memories ...

Your blog is awesome - thanks for commenting, and it is simply a pleasure to be able to share it with my peeps here ...

Keep it up - it's great!!!