Monday, August 13, 2007

One of the Reasons I LOVE Canada:

Though I've never met the man - MP Scott Brison has rocketed to the top of my list for favourite Canadian Politician.

He started out as a Conservative, became a Liberal ran for leader, and now he is being bold enough to take a stand of commitment and love ... Gotta love the guy !!!

I am absolutely thrilled by the fact that a politician in Canada is able to marry his same sex partner. It tells me that the rednecks and pin heads might win the odd battle, but that they are, thankfully, losing the war ...

Could any of us even imagine a member of the United States Political establishment venturing on such a step??? Not a chance ... YET, here in Canada the news of this announcement barely made a ripple because this isn't about a gay politician, this is about a politician who happens to be GAY!! And he is doing something that is not only legal in Canada, it is just and right !!!!

In spite of many things, today I'm still proud to be a Canadian, and it is because of people like Scott and his partner Maxime and Ontario's George Smitherman and his parner Christopher who were married last week. News like this makes me proud, and tells me that we are on the way to becoming fully the Just Society that Trudeau once envisioned.

I can only wish both couples all the best on their nuptuals ... and Bonne Chance on their life together, both in and out of politics !!!

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