Monday, August 06, 2007

A Whisper of Hope in a Troubled world ...

Too many people have chosen to be content with where they are and what they have, when in truth, all they've done is denied the reality that looms within their heart and soul ...

They've convinced themselves that it is easier to settle with what they have and to simply say "it's okay" rather than having the courage to live boldly and to take a risk ...

Sadly, they've decided that it is better to be safe rather than to venture into the unknown and face the uncertainty of being alone. Thereby denying themselves a deeper understanding of who they are, and freedom from their past ....


(Yet more from Vanier:)


Running away from pain

can never bring joy.

To hide from it,

to pretend it does not exist,

perhaps drowning in our memory of it

in front of too much television,

or to spend time theorizing about an ideal world

where pain is eliminated:

all this is only illusion.


So do not shrink from suffering,

but enter into it

and discover there the mystery

of the presence of the Risen Christ.

And do not turn aside from your own pain,

your anguish and brokeness,

your loneliness and emptiness,

by pretending you are strong.

Go within yourself.

Go down the ladder of your own being

until you discover -

like a seed

buried in the broken, ploughed earth

of your own vulnerability -

the presence of the resurrection,

the light shining in the darkness.


Too bad too many people are terrified to face loneliness and being alone, and deny themselves the journey of healing, evolution and growth that is beckoning ... maybe one day they'll see past the illusion and embrace the transformation that CAN come with courage ...

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