Friday, August 10, 2007

Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel ...

Sometimes you find a story that is
JUST TOO DAMNED good to pass up.
I think this is one of those stories:
According to the media today, it would seem that
US First Lady Laura Bush
daughter Jenna
are co-authoring a childrens' book.
A childrens' BOOK ???
Now, aside from the obligatory rant about celebrities and
the hyping of books that they write and people buy
simply because they are recognizable names,
but have little to no literary merit or talent,
there are a couple of dots that need to be connected here:
First off - daughter Jenna,
Now am I wrong, or wasn't she the Bush daughter
who was partying hardy while at College?
Do we really want her to write books for kids??
Moreover, what kind of life experience does the
daughter and Grand-daughter of US Presidents,
who has lived a pretty pampered & sheltered life
have to offer the rest of the unwashed masses?
AND, what has she done beyond being born into
the "right" family, to merit a publishing contract??

Can't really say anything bad about Mrs. Bush though,
the handlers have kept her out of trouble
and there's always a smart one in the family !!
I guess if there is an upside all of this
it is that Mr President may finally have a book he's able to read:

Then again maybe not ...

Oh well, both Laura and Jenna are teachers,

I guess one of them will just have to read it to him!!


In the meantime - I say we begin boycotting

any book that is written by a celebrity.

Just cause your name has recognition

doesn't mean it's literature!!!

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