Friday, August 10, 2007

Withdrawal Symptoms ...

Yesterday was a good day ...
I did my 30 km bike ride including
a jaunt to the town of Clanwilliam and back,
I went to Riding Mountain National Park
with the kids and we walked around the Marsh at the townsite,
and then we went out to find the Buffalo at Lake Audie.
AND that's where things took a dramatic turn ...
Since I got it at Christmas I have used,
I mean really, really, really used my
digital camera.
I often carry it with me,
and generally not a day goes by
that I'm not taking a picture of something.
(the photos of the dragonflies being an example)
So ... what follows was somewhat dramatic for me ...
I tripped over something heading back to the car
at the Buffalo Enclosure look-out,
and not only did I bash both knees and an elbow,
but my digital camera flew out of my hand and
hit the gravel - HARD !!!
As I face planted in the gravel watching my
camera suddenly become several detached pieces,
I said the F-WORD !!
Then I wanted to cry ...
That night when we returned to Minnedosa,
Ms. H and I headed to Brandon to take the
what remains of my camera in to see if it can be fixed ...
... and I'm left waiting ...
Oh well, I know it could have been worse,
and I know it's only a camera,
but that one word summed it up well,
and it was totally appropriate for the context.
As they say - C'est la vie !!

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