Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's ALL Good ...

Last week I was told by the Doctor overseeing my time at South Down that I possess a "superior Intelligence" that is difficult to assign a number to on the scale because - well, to be honest I kind of over shot the test they gave me !!!

This is a reality that I find hilariously funny because I have never felt particularly smart nor intelligent EVER. I've always thought I was pretty mundane and average and have always balked when folks say I'm otherwise. But ... whatever ...

The other piece of this that has been interesting for me was the assessment that I may suffer from a form of ADD. The Dr recommended checking out some resources on Adult ADD and seeing what I thought of it ... I picked up a couple of books on Thursday and over the weekend have been perusing them ... it was startling to see the very real possibility (and likelihood) that I do suffer from some form of ADD. But what was particularly startling was the realization that many of the behaviour modifications that they suggests are things I have, over the last three or four years been doing !!!

For the first time in a long time I'm not actually apprehensive about the future. It will be what it will be. I am more than a label and a diagnosis. I like me, and I I like what I am about in life and in ministry.

One of my friends and colleagues said recently - "you are like a Rottweiler. On first glance you're a big, tough, ferocious and mean dog ... but when people get to know you they find someone who is fiercely loyal, hard working, devoted, loving and even lovable family pet ... the problem is in THEM not you !!"

This week for the first time I can agree with him. I'm not perfect. I never claimed to be. But I like who I am and where I'm going in this life ... The rest is in the hands of God, and that's a good place for it to be !!!

Tomorrow is a new day ... I'll worry about it when I open my eyes in the morning and not a moment before !!

Dayenu !!! Dayenu !!

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Anonymous said...

It's not how smart you are it's how you are smart