Sunday, May 04, 2008

Evolving Lessons: WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!

One of the things I look forward to each Sunday is reading and reflecting on the newest postings over at Post Secret. Today the two post cards framing this reminded me that those of us who are on a journey of evolution - a journey of enlightenment - a journey of growth and awakening ... and THERE ARE MANY OF US ... these cards remind us that sometimes we truly have to heed the words of Ms Frizzle, the whacky and wonderful teacher from The Magic School Bus, who always tells her students - "Take CHANCES, make MISTAKES and get MESSY !!!"

Life is seldom easy ... we ALL make mistakes ... we all create and are engulfed in messes ... but at the end of the day as we learn from our past, as we heal from our bruises, and as move forward from our mistakes, we have before us the possibility of SO MUCH MORE ... we need only dare to risk ...

All that is required is, as the card below says - a LEAP OF FAITH !!!!

Who is ready to JOIN ME ?????


Anonymous said...

great site
great songs
great message
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Shawn; I took a huge leap of faith almost 10 years ago, when I finally was able to say enough is enough and get out of my abusive relationship. I have come a long way since then, but I am still learing how to do things.

I am believing that I am due for another leap. Things from the past keep coming up and I, at times am not able to handle them as I hoped I could.

I am still reading Eckert Tolle's book "A New Earth" Can't seem to find time alone to read it as much as I would like to. The book makes sense. It is teaching me new things.

So, in that, I believe that I AM READY for another leap and would gladly join you in it. We each have our own things to learn from a leap of faith!