Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One More Step Along the Road I Go ...

Today is a brilliant sunny day in WestMan and the Brandon area ... I drove in with the stereo blasting and BC's Tillers Folly playing ... I had popped in one of thier CDs last night and wasn't really paying attention to the selection ... but as I turned out of the driveway to start the drive the song "A River So Wide."

I've posted reflections on this song previously - First in July 2007, and then again in October 2007 with a YouTube Video of the song as well - The song remains a powerful anthem for those who have been on the receiving end of life's harshness ...

This past week I ONCE AGAIN encountered the lies, gossip and rumours about the supposed happenings in my life over the last three years ... This time I once again went to the identified source and said - "they are lies and I would appreciate it if you stopped perpetuating them ..."

Today though as I pulled out of the driveway and the words:

Well I never once dreamed that I would see a day
When the people I called my friends
Would just turn & walk away
You can go on believing the worst until it's all you see
You can spread your rumours around
And point the fat finger at me, you know it's alright
I'm staring at the clear blue sky

rolled out of my stereo in the van, I thought about the people I called friends who walked away, those I trusted who spread the rumours and lies, and those who DID point their fat fingers at me in false accusations, and I realized that not only have I survived THEIR ABSOLUTE WORST, BUT I am NOW a better person for having faced, endured and overcome the crap they've thrown at me ...

Today I am staring at the clear blue sky ... and life is looking pretty good ... there will still be some struggled and a few places I know I will stumble, and I KNOW there will be some unexpected set backs ... but I have surrounded myself with a circle of friends who have stood with me through the very worst - and THEY ARE STILL HERE !!!

As I listened to Tiller's Folly today I realized how lucky and blessed I am ...

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