Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday ...

This week Ms H is entering the Historica Fair at her school with an project on her Grandfather Sam and the various memorials that record his sacrifice on behalf of the People of the Province of Ontario and the Country of Canada ... This June will mark the 40th Anniversary since his death on duty as a member of the Ontario Provincial Police.

Over the last couple of weeks Ms H and I have searched the Web looking for any and all information we could find on Grandpa Sam. A highlight included phoning the headquarters of the Ontario Provincial Police in Orilla, and asking for a photograph of the wall of honour that stands in the lobby there. It took several transfers between offices before I reached a woman in the museum housed there who was delighted to accomodate our request and assured me that it was neither an inconvenience nor a bother ... The jpeg that arrived later is much appreciated by both me and Ms H.

The picture above, from Friday morning is Noahkila looking back on the life of a man whom he never met, but with whom he shares much ... it is a poignant reminder of the importance of knowing our family history and heritage ...


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