Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week of Milestones continues ...

There are days when I wonder how the last 14 years of my life have slipped away ...

I still remember walking down the dark hallway of the Bella Coola Hospital in the early morning hours of May 21st 1994 cradling my new born son in my arms ... M was being tending to by the nurses following his delivery, and with the slight scare of him arriving a little blue and flaccid, I took him in my arms and walked the hall with him to give mom a break, and to admire the beautiful little boy we had been blessed with ...

As I walked the hall I heard a voice from one of the darkened rooms call out - "So?? A little boy or a little girl ..."

Our organist was in the hospital battling the first stages of the cancer than would soon claim her life ... she would be the first person to meet our son ...

I remember it like it was yesterday ...

Later that day I remember leaning in the garage door where Sam's now God Mother was building her cedar and canvas kayak, and saying - "I'm going to see my SON !!"


Then I after a visit with Noahkila and his mom, I headed off to join in the fun of Sports Day with the Nuxalk people and to share the good news that our baby boy had arrived safe and sound, and he and mom were doing fine ...


Today so many memories flood back ... cradling a wee boy, (who NOW looks me in the eye when he stands in front of me), in my arms and singing him to sleep ... roller blading behind his training wheeled bike as we tore around the sea wall at Stanley Park ... building his first tree fort ... visits to Tyrell Museum ... so many moments ... so many memories ...


Where to start ... where to finish ... 14 years creates many, many memories ... each one building on the last, and intertwined with so many more ...


I can't help but wonder though - how has the last 14 years passed by so quickly, and when did my little baby become such a fine young man ???


He and I may not always get along, and lately too many of the words that pass between us are marked by anger, frustration and other less than positive emotions ... but as his dad, I am incredibly proud of him ... I simply adore him, and the young man he is ... there is much I stand in awe of, and so much more about him that just leaves me smiling with pride ... I may not say it enough, but today is a good day to pause and say the simple words:



I'm proud to be your dad!!

(this picture is an OLD one, but is one of my favs of him)

Happy Birthday Noahkila,

May you continue to brave the world with confidence

chutzpah, humour, and pride!!

Go and slay the dragons that stand in your way,

and KNOW that I still have your back !!

And that my son, WILL NEVER CHANGE !!!!

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Ms.Diane Rosebury said...

How did you ever think of that name?Noahkila, very unusual