Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tonight's discovery ...

Tonight, I settled down on the loveseat to enjoy a mid-evening snack as a bit of a treat for the cleaning, painting and packing I've been doing lately ... I no sooner sat down then Chloe, our 14 year old feline Matriarch climbed up on to the love seat with me ... she the strolled (with intent) across the love seat and stood on my knee staring into the bowl perched on my OTHER knee ... I'm not sure if the licking of her lips was for effect, or from gluttonious desire ... but after a long stare she looked up at me and gave me the usual scolding ...

She again licked her lips ... and stared at the bowl ... after I lifted a spoonful of the treat to MY mouth I got a feline stare that seemed to say - "ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING???"

I pinched out a finger full of the treat ... and Chloe launched herself onto it like a kitten a fraction of her age ... she proceeded to lick my finger clean, then pointed her nose over towards the bowl again ... three times we repeated this process ... until the bowl was empty ... After a lingering stare along with a sniff of the bowl, I THEN GOT ROYALLY CURSED OUT as only Chloe can !!! (and DOES regularly!!).

And WHAT WAS THE object of her unbridled begging and enthusiasm ????

Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream!!!!!!

ALL I can say is - "Good Call Chloe !!!! For a cat you have pretty good taste !!"

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