Sunday, August 10, 2008

Like walkin' Elmer Fudd ...

"Ssssshhhhhh, be verwy verwy quiet, we're huntin' wabbits !!!"

I took Callie and Journey for a walk to the fields around the CNR tracks two blocks north of us ... they were greatly twitter-pated by the smell of prairie dogs and jack rabbits (they've chased one a couple of times over the last two or three days) ... at one point Callie had her self buried up to her caninie waist in a rabbit or prairie dog hole ... her snorts and yipes of delight could be heard from her subterranean position!!??

All in all walking them is akin to taking a hike with Elmer Fudd ... like I said:

"Ssssssshhhhhhh !! Be verwy, verwy quiet, we're hunting wabbits !!!"


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