Thursday, August 28, 2008

WHY ????

Today on there was a story about police nabbing a suspect in the theft of 65 newspaper boxes in and around Winnipeg ... The original story about the theft ran in April (Click here to read it) and today's is about the Police finally catching two suspects and arresting them (Click HERE for that story).

All of which simply begs the question - WHY ???

Why would you steal 65 newspaper boxes in the first place?? BUT THEN, after stealing THAT many whyc would keep them ALL in one place?? AND why would you leave the papers in some of them???

Usually you want to hide your tracks and the evidence ... to provide the police with more than just circumstantial evidence for the investigation borders on the ludicrious ... The police (thought they may appreciate it) really shouldn't be aided by the suspect themselves ...

This one really does need to make a "Dumb Criminal" category somewhere ...

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