Friday, August 15, 2008

What were they thinking ???

Moving into the "BIG" city requires us to pick up after our dogs when they go for walks ... with plastic grocery bags and anathema, we have opted to purchase biodegradable doggy bags from the local pet supply store ... They are "extra long" for obvious reasons, and in packages of 80 for about four dollars, they are reasonably priced ... my only complaint though:


Do we really need the dog's daily offerings enfused with the "refreshing scent" of baby powder for the three minute walk back to the garbage can ???


laughing pastor said...

All I'm saying is: Cooling Cucumber Melon Johnson's Baby powder is the best!!! Makes my day better when we hit 107 degrees!

What's good for us is good for our dogs!!!!!!

Indigo said...

does this mean that back in recently departed from and oh so glad to leave Minnedosa, the dogs shat in the yard all the time OR no one ever picked up after them when they shat outside the yard? Jeez louise, that commercial dry dog food is full of cows brains (mad cow anyone?), GM grains, preservatives, additives, colour, sugars and all matter of not so biodegradable pseudo organic matter.

A few free minutes to attend to minutea!!