Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tonight's UNEXPECTED Treat !!!!!

I have been missing my regular coffee lately ... At home I've been enjoying the Kick Ass roast from Kicking Horse Coffee (a wonderful Canadian Fair Trade company), and since leaving home last week was able to have it only when I was at M's mom and dad's because I had bought a bag at the local supermarket ...

The last three days have been whatever brown fluid comes in a cup from Franchises, Gas Stations and restaurants ...

BUT ... tonight I went to fill the van up with gas and when I went to pay for the fill, I decided to grab a coffee - I had had only one earlier in the day and was feeling the urge ...

I stepped up to the coffee counter expecting to find the regular store brand, but was delighted to find a selection of Kicking Horse Coffees including my much loved Kick Ass roast !!!! I let out a gasp that caused the clerk to look over and he said - "Buddy, the pot on the left is fresh, ... I just made it !!!"

I brought the cup of steaming coffee back to the hotel room and was able to enjoy it while I cruised the net and the girls watched a movie on tv ... it was a wonderful surprise ... and as I've said - a totally unexpected treat !!!

Thanks Husky for good taste in Coffee !!!
and thanks Kicking Horse for making it !!!

Fair Trade rules !!!

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Anonymous said...

do you know if our husky's around here carry it?