Saturday, April 04, 2009

41 Years Ago Today ...

Forty One Years ago today ,
a life ended,
a dream persisted,
the world slowly moved forward.
the dream remains,
the life is remembered,
the world continues to move slowly forward.
I like Bill Hicks' take on it:
"... the fact we live in a world where John Lennon was murdered,
yet Milli Vanilli walks the f---ing planet. You know? Bad choice.
Just from me to you, it wasn't a good one. But isn't that weird,
we always kill the guys who try and help us.
Isn't that strange that we let the little demons run amock, always?
John Lennon: murdered.
John Kennedy: murdered.
Martin Luther King: murdered.
Gandhi: murdered.
Jesus: murdered.
Reagan ... wounded.
You know. Bad F---ING choice!!"
- Bill Hicks November 1990-

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