Saturday, April 18, 2009

DAYENU!!!! A reader comments ...

Tonight when I signed in I was wrestling with the - WHY? of blogging ...

My life is in a place of unbelievable uncertainty. The Gospel of I DON'T KNOW, is what undergirds all that I am doing right now. I am happy and content, but I have no idea what is in store for me, or where my path is leading. I have before me, some enormous decisions that will affect not just my life, but the life of others around me ...

Recently I was asked in a less than friendly tone - "why do you blog?" and I will honestly say I struggled for an answer ... I blog partially for a release ... I blog for the creative exercise it represents ... I blog because I enjoy it ... and I blog because I feel that what I have to say from my reading, my reflection and my experiences is worth sharing.

In short - I blog for those who happen by here to read what I have to say.

After 2200 or so posts, I have had quite a lot to say about many things. Sometimes I've been thoughtful and reflective, other times I've ranted and roared and raged ... and I've hit almost every point in between. I will not apologize for the rants and the rages - they are what they are, and they have come out of circumstances that gave rise to them.

Looking back there are few postings that I honestly wish I hadn't written. The one notable exception that came in the wake of feeling beaten and rejected by a Group of people that I had foolishly and unwisely given TOO MUCH of myself was pulled ... it still exists, but is no longer for general consumption or posting ... I wish I hadn't written it only in so far as it would colour the opinions that many had of me subsequent to it ... instead of looking at the causative (some of them long standing toxicities) factors that lead to the posting, instead the finger of judgement came to rest firmly on me, and I was tired, convicted, crucified and left to die for daring to speak out and state that something was broken in "the kingdom."

I have no doubt that my blog irritates many ... I kind of enjoy that ...
I have no doubt my blog is a causitive factor in feeling feared and rejected by some within the church ...
and I have no doubt that my blog is regarded by many vested in the structures that are The Church, as an irritant, a foolhardy way of communicating, and a waste of time (yet these same people seem to be repeatedly drawn back like a moth to the proverbial flame !! - Go figure !!)

But the reason I persist in Blogging is because I have come to realize that I am NOT your average, run of the mill, milque toast, warm pink fuzzy preacher ... I am an exceptional (I'll leave it to my readers to drawn their own conclusions here about WHAT kind of exception I may be) preacher with a formidible intellect and I will NOT be cowed into submission for political expediency. I will bite my tongue for only so long ... I was raised in a family who call a spade a spade and will readily point out foolishness and stupidity, while accepting the redirection of fingers back in our own direction. I also know I can and will ask the questions others are thinking, but NO ONE DARES to ask for fear of offending others ...

My attitude is - To hell with it, either piss or get off the pot ... if you say it BLOODY DO IT!!! or shut the hell up once and for all ...

To me it is all about consistency - live your faith. (period - full stop !!) Hypocrisy has no room in my world ... don't put on airs and don't pretend to be above reproach when your closet is full of skeletons you dread having exposed !!

It's THAT simple.

I blog because I want to share my ideas and say to those outside the Church we are not all wishy-washy, hypocritical, wimpy, nerdy, political animals ... some of us are real people.

I write for the real people in ministry - the tribe who moves amongst the politically ambitions whilst they posture and strive for prestige and privilege and pats to their fragile egos.

But most of all I write to share with others - mainly those outside the church who deserve to hear that the Church is not what they think. There are new thinkers who love to dance outside the box and celebrate their faith without fear, hesitation or the nonsense that has marked the journey for so long ... I write to proclaim to the world thatthe prophetic message that has echoed throughout history is ALL ABOUT welcoming in ALL people, not just the few deemed worthy by those who fill the collection plates.

I KNOW that idea offends many - the one Bill Hicks poked fun at in his comedy when he said - "look at me, I have alot invested in this - look at the lines of worry on my face ..." - they need to be offended so they realize that they have become like Amos' fatted cows of Bashan who crush the widows and orphans (both figuratively and literally) under thier heels ...

I BLOG to share my ideas with the world - and you can like em or leave em ... it won't change my ideas ... and treating me with anger and contempt merely proves the close mindedness of the Church I rave against ... I BLOG to proclaim a faith of openess and dialogue, NOT dogma and adherence.

But tonight I found a readers comment that reminded me why I BLOG. A young man from the states paid me a strong compliment when he wrote the following in response to my posting from January 2007 entitled - God Doesn't Hate Goths:

You know, it's people like this Rev RG Green that give Christians a bad name.

It is people like Rev RG Green that are part of the reason for so many youth are straying for the church these days. It's people like him that give God a bad name.

One of my gothic friends told me about the website one day, and the instant I opened up the first page, I couldn't stop shaking. I couldn't believe that somebody who calls himself a Man of God could say hurtful things to these people and to take scripture and use it for evil, and who takes the name of the LOVING God and turns it into HATE! It sickens me!

It's people like You, however, that give Christians a GOOD name. You've shared with the world that god loves everybody no matter who they are. God does not care about the way anybody looks or dresses unlike humans who base everything based on outwardly appearance (1 Samuel 16:7).

People like Rev RG Green need to get their facts straight, and realize that God loves the whole world of people!

I thank you so much for your encouraging words and hope that others that have become victims to this website will find your website/blog and will read and realize the truth.

Thank you.
Your brother in Christ,

I BLOG because it is about THE TRUTH, not the status quo, and one day I won't have to explain myself, nor defend myself because those ardently defending the status quo will realize the stupidity and futility of their actions ... in the mean time: Thanks Wesley, I appreciate your kind and wise word ... you myspace site is worth a visit by my readers !!

Blessings upon YOU my brother!!!

Rev. Shawn

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and obviously others do too. Write as long as it gives YOU happiness, fulfillment, and joy.