Monday, April 13, 2009

Who says Ignorance is BLISS?????

I was reading the news online today when I came across a story about a Peace Activist who refused to partake in the 2006 Census ... it struck me as an odd ... then I read who provides the computer and software support to Stats Canada to collect, compile and analyse the data.

The gentleman at the heart of this story has a legitimate grievance here - Todd Stelmach sees his refusal as an expression of his faith and his pacifist stance.

Hearing about Lockheed Martin's involvement, and their background as an arms producer, I find myself agreeing with him ...

Additionally, the question why a CANADIAN company couldn't be contracted to provide such a sensitive service to Canada and its citizens is worth raising ... but most importantly - why is an International Arms Producer providing computer and software support to Census Canada?????

I believe that this is one of those issues that EVERY CANADIAN needs to become involved in ...


Anonymous said...

And by the way, let's also question why every United Church Pastoral Charge (2,300 across the country) is being FORCED to contract with a U.S. payroll outsource company. So far only 55% have complied (the goal was 100% by Dec. 31/08), so the resistors will continue the good fight against an untenable mandate. As a UC Minister (if you happened to be employed by a UC), you might benefit from the mandate, but do you really want all of your personal data subject to the US "Patriot Act"?

We will continue to resist this unreasonable incursion into our local church's affairs.


shawn said...

I happen to be paid currently (part-time) by a Presbyterian Church and am in a process of discerning whether there is a place for me in the UCC, or if it is time to leave the United Church and its definitive lack of openess and welcome and find a place that is more welcoming ...

That aside - my current monthly stipend comes the old fashioned way - the treasurer writes a cheque tucks it in an envelope and hands it to me complete with a slip outlining the monthly breakdown (something I haven't been given since my days in Bella Coola !!). Its a GOOD system and it generally works well ...

I've never been a fan of the unified payroll system - it was a suggested solution to bigger problems ... there were and are BETTER solutions than this ... although I never knew that it is a US based service provider - THAT'S WRONG!!!

Fight the Good Fight John - let me know if I can help spread the word on behalf of the resistance movement!!!

Sometimes the "leadership" of the Church needs a reminder from the grassroots!!!

Don Rogers said...

There are four reasons why having Lockheed Martin invloved in the Canada Census is unacceptable:

1. Privacy. Despite assurances to the contrary, there is a real risk of Canadians' personal info being disclosed to the US government under the Patriot Act.

2. Morality. It is morally wrong for Canadian tax dollars to line the pockets of Lockheed Martin, a manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction.

3. Job losses. The Lockheed Martin optical scanning of census returns means the loss of thousands of part-time jobs for Census data entry clerks and outside workers. Part-time jobs important for people trying to make ends meet.

4. Canadian sovereignty. Involving Lockheed Martin moves Canada another notch towards the ultimate takeover of Canada by the USA and the end of Canada as a sovereign country. Will Lockheed Martin be conducting a Canadian Federal election in the future?

Last Census, many Canadians chose to apply minimum cooperation with the Census--filling in forms upside-down, spilling coffee on the form, cutting a fringe around the form, etc. etc. All to make the form unreadable by the optical scanners. We will soon be gearing up to oppose the 2011 Census, since it appears that Lockheed Martin will be involved again

Don Rogers