Saturday, April 18, 2009

This week, I learned I'm NOT crazy ...

This past week I had occasion to be sitting with a young man who is about Noahkila's age talking to him about some stuff, when I was approached by a member of Minnedosa United Church who began asking questions in a tone that can ONLY be described as snotty, hostile and angry.

I smiled and answered the questions in a civil tone doing my utmost to be a duck and let it roll off my shoulders, as I've advocated many many times ...

The person then turned to the young man and began asking him questions in the same tone ... he looked stunned, but answered politely.

The young man was then asked - "what's your name again?"

He answered and when the person asking realized that he was NOT Noahkila, their tone changed and softened and they became ALMOST friendly ...

When they left the young man turned to me and said - "what the heck was that ALL about?"

"They thought you were Noahkila," I answered.

And still the "powers that be" maintain that Minnedosa is a friendly place and that I am imagining things when I say that nastiness and brutishness prevail ... hmmmm, I now have two others who witnessed it for themselves !!

I can say I haven't been making this stuff up for the last three years and I AM NOT CRAZY!!

Too bad the Presbytery who were so gung-ho to maintain the status quo and let peace prevail by railroading me out of town won't swallow thier pride and DEAL with the REAL problem in Minneodsa instead of being a good ostrich and saying - "it's ALL better NOW !!!"

But such is the ways of the Church ...

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