Monday, April 06, 2009

Class Act ...

I'm not a fan of Country Music - I've admitted to that previously ... I will however also admit there are certain Country and Western musicians who have won my respect for showing a strength of character. The Dixie Chicks have been amongst that category for their outspoken honesty around the Bush administration and the consequences of speaking a TRUTH.

This past week, I've been following a story about Charley Pride, a country musician I know by reputation more than exposure to his music.

It seems that a woman in Leduc Alberta heard of Pride's upcoming concert and went online to buy tickets for herself to attend ... when the credit card bill came through she paid in excess of $1200 for TWO tickets worth about $138!!!!

The story is at (click here to read it) - so I won't revisit all the details ... the outcome that vaulted Charley Pride into the category of a "Class Act" in my opinion was his trip to Edmonton to pay Mrs Sharp back the money she lost out of his OWN pocket, he gave her two front row tickets to his show, and spent some time visiting with the gob-smacked woman.

NOW, Mr Pride is expressing his outrage at those who would use people like him to glean excessive profits from the unsuspecting ... after reading the follow up story on, I can't help but say - Charley Pride is DEFINiTELY a class act!!!

Way to Go Mr. Pride !!!!
I'm sure Mrs Sharp will enjoy her concert experience!!!!

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