Monday, April 13, 2009

It's been a good run ...

Every once in a while Canadian Television comes through with a programme that is both memorable and entertaining ... in the past we've had King of Kensington, The Beach Combers, The Friendly Giant, The Littlest Hobo, Due South, Mr Dress-Up, Fraggle Rock, and other shows that brought a distinctly Canadian tone to the airways ...
Then a half a dozen years ago comedian Brent Butt pulled together a show about the small Saskatchewan Community of Dog River ... focused on the gas station-diner: Corner Gas and The Ruby, the show brought Brent, Wanda, Lacey, Oscar, Emma, Davis, Karen, Hank and the other residents of the community to International prominence and made us laugh along the way ...
Tonight Corner Gas ends it's run ... It's going out while on top ... and if the chatter in the media and online is any indication, it is a show that will most definitely be missed ... I have the complete dvd set of Corner Gas seasons, and play them frequently ... there is something sweet and endearing about the whole crew ... and their adventures and misadventures are a delightful way to pass a couple of hours any time of the day ...
Thanks for the Memories Corner Gas, and thanks to Brent Butt and all those talented people who brought that corner of Saskatchewan into our lives every week ... it was an awesome run. We're sorry to see it end!!

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indigo said...

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and a few dozen more I forget, bro!