Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Why ?? Random questions for Hump Day

Why do we applaud when an jet lands safely ?? Isn't that what the pilot is paid for ??

Why do we offer standing ovations at mediocre theatre productions ?? Aren't standing ovations for exceptional productions ??

Why do we bother with stop signs and traffic lights ?? Don't most people just ignore them anyway ??

Why are executives of money losing super-corporations still being paid generous bonuses ?? Aren't bonuses supposed to be for a job well done ?? Is losing BILLIONS of dollars, and putting thousands of people out of work to please shareholders REALLY a job well done ??

Why is it SO DAMNED hard for people to accept responsibility for themselves ??

Why is droopy pants and ball caps worn askew a fashion trend ?? Maybe I'm a curmudgeon, but that USED to be something those who take pride in their appearance tried to AVOID ...

Why do they wrap coconuts in plastic to sell them in a supermarket ??

Why do they have to place HUGE warnings saying "Contents Hot!" on our cups of coffee ?? Wouldn't we complain if the coffee WASN'T hot ??

Why do we let our public discourse be guided by a media who is largely reactive and ill-informed, rather than led by educated, enlighted and INTELLIGENT and informed voices that can see the big picture rather than today's sound byte installment ??


indigo said...

why do we say excuse me when we really mean get out of my way

why do we say have a nice day when it is trite as to be almost meaningless

why do we ask "how are you" when the last thing we want is to really know how somwone els is

why are cellphones not banned everywhere

why is tandoori sauce dyed

why is there still pornography

Sallie said...

Why do we NOT value our health care workers with the pay they are worth for the education and committment they have to Human Services and Health Care, yet pay "executives" huge salaries and bonus checks?

itzktb said...

1) We applaud because we are still alive, or in appreciation to the pilot for his or her ability. (We applaud actors on Broadway too, don’t we? They are being paid and are not even responsible for protecting our lives!)

2) We offer standing ovations to theatre productions that inspire us to stand--as far as the production being mediocre, that would be a matter of taste.

3) Because the people who put up the traffic signs are not necessarily the same people who go through them?

4) Because people are greedy?

5) Because it is?

6) Because, like all trends, it’s a reflection of the culture and times?

7) Come to the U.S.—we don’t wrap coconuts in anything!

8) Because of a lawsuit years ago, when a woman got burned from her hot coffee at a McDonald’s drive-thru, I think.

9) Because it’s all some people are capable of and it’s all they can recognize.

Here's one: Why do people focus on what should be rather than accepting what is? Once you accept what is, I think you are better able to change it.