Friday, April 24, 2009


This man could have been the president of the US of A ...

Thank God that President Obama won the election, and not just because of WHO would have been V.P. had McCain won ... but because after EIGHT years of stupidity in the White House the United States not to mention the WORLD needed an intelligent leader who is AWARE of what is happening in the world.

Today Mr. McCain showed us CLEARLY how he and Mr Obama are different, and Mr McCain falls into the SAME camp as former President Bush ...

According to Mr McCain, despite the official record of 9/11 never noting a connection between those responsible for this horrid crime and Canada - the longest (formerly) undefended border between the USA and Canada was part of the 9/11 problem ... McCain, despite ALL of the evidence to the contrary has STATED that the 9/11 suspects entered the US through Canada!!!

All I can say is - THANK GOD, this man is NOT the President of the US, but is fast becoming nothing more than a dottering old fool!!!!

Check out the story here from CBC - McCain defends Napolitano, insists 9/11 perpetrators came from Canada

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