Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Reincarnation ???

I read Marley and Me quite a while ago,
this week we rented the dvd and watched it.
The general consensus is
Marley has been reincarnated:


Anonymous said...

You rented it, I bought it! I loved it, but nothing's as good as the book!

indigo said...


itzktb said...

I love that puppy!

shawn said...

She's YOURS !!!

Tonight she was being puppy-sat at M's house and while left alone for less than an hour, she jumped the doggy gate (probably about 12 seconds after the door closed), ransacked the kitchen, devoured a toblerone chocolate bar (yes, we KNOW chocolate can kill a dog - we went through this earlier in the week when she ATE almost a pound of the special chocolate that I had brought back from Chocolate Barrs in Stratford!!!) AND the neon purple food colouring for tomorrow's easter egg colouring party !!! Can't wait to see what the morning brings to MY BACKYARD!!!!!

YUCK !!!!

I'll send her and Ms. H. on the first flight to NYC out of Winnipeg tomorrow !!!!

They BOTH might look cute - BUT ... looks are decieving !!!