Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring is REALLY here ... even if it doesn't seem like it

I heard it before I saw it ...

The peep-peep-peeping of a robin filled the backyard while Flute and I went out for her morning constitutional ... I finally spotted the robin the branches of a crab apple tree two yards away, pecking at the fruit that hung in the tree over the winter:


Despite the ice and snow that covers EVERYTHING right now, and the cold temps (hovering at -2C (28 F) as I write this) it would appear that SPRING is truly on its way ...

I'm thinking I'm going to figure out what robins eat and spread some of whatever it is around the yard so the poor little critter won't starve.

Here's hoping the temps go up and the snow melts and spring finally pushes away a very long cold winter !!


indigo said...

don't they eat worms as in the early bird gets the worm?!!!!

Sallie said...

Here on Vancouver Island it is already true Spring, the birds are chirping, the grass is growing (we are mowing!)

Amazing, the differences in experience between the Provinces.

Keep positive, spring is sprung, it will come to Manitoba when it is ready!