Monday, July 30, 2007

A Conundrum

As Arsenio Hall used to say, this is one of those "things to make you go hmmmm ..."

A few short weeks ago, the act of sitting having coffee at the local coffee shop was defined by some as "NOT working" and was never regarded as an act of ministry.

Now that I'm on a suspension from ministry, the same simple gesture of sitting in the local coffee shop and having a coffee and a conversation with a community member runs the risk of violating that suspension because it is to be regarded as "an act of ministry."


It is to me too ...

It's a double standard ... but rather than risk further repercussions I guess I'll just have to enjoy coffee at home for the next few months ...


itzktb said...

That sounds like a violation of your human rights! Certainly doesn't sound very Christian to me! This is just the sort of hypocrisy that keeps people like me away from organized religion! Jesus Christ would not approve!

wendy said...

that is SO wacked!!! my experience has taught me that churches are full of amazing people but it only takes one or two sickos to destroy the place and its leadership. in the end you got to ask..what would jesus do..and heck what would followers of jc like our friend and loving being father chacour do...i think they would go have coffee in your favourite fair trade coffee spot and defy these fools with a twinkle in their eye!!
with love,
a preacher's kid who knows too well of what she speaks( otherwise known as wendy mc-g!)

itzktb said...

Asking yourself, "What would Jesus do?" is something we should all practice. And you're right Wendy, it's only a fraction of the people in churches who make a mess of things, and isn't it interesting how it's usually the ones in power? Lessons, lessons, lessons, they never stop coming. Too bad the folks who want the Rev to sever ties with his community haven't seemed to learn the basic lessons of Christianity.

Candygirlflies said...

Freedom Of Association.

(see The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms... I believe, courtesy of PET??!!)

Enough said.