Friday, July 27, 2007

How about HONESTY in advertising ??

I remember years ago on the CBC programme Morningside, when Stuart Maclean and Peter Gzowski had an exchange about how much you could buy for a small amount of money. Stuart trumped the segment by using the pocket change he had left over to buy gallons and gallons and gallons of Toronto Tap water ... echoing CBC host Vicki Gabereau's trademark line - "still a bargain at twice the price", he noted that tap water is an incredible bargain throughout Canada ...

This of course was before places like Walkerton, Battleford and First Nations Reserves scared us in to erroneous believing that our tap water is unsafe ...

Instead of risking the unknown pathegens and toxins that drip from our tap, we instead turned to consuming thousands and thousands of litres of bottled water every single day ... the effect hundreds of millions of plastic bottles has on the environment can wait for another day and another rant ... instead I would cite today's announcement from Pepsi Co, confirming that their trademark water line Aquafina is purified TAP WATER.

After I stopped laughing, I said a hearty "THANK GOD" for the simple fact that as a household we've never bought into the bottled water frenzy that has gripped our society ... For starters I couldn't justify paying more per litre for water than I pay for the gas for my van ... But the environmental concerns also played a part ... Those bottles are NOT benign - they are useless, unnecessary wastage.

BUT even more importantly for me personally, is the simple fact that we in Canada are blessed with almost limitless quantities of fresh, healthy tap water ... it's not perfect ... but you can travel almost anywhere in Canada and turn the tap and drink what comes out without hesitation or fear - so why should I buy bottled water that came from a tap in a factory somewhere??

It simply makes no sense ...

But today one of the Trans-National Corporations has finally clued in to this idiocy of this, and have begun to tell the truth ... Thank God !!! I lift a glass of tap water in salute !!

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