Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh My Gawd ...

Today started as a hard day ... I had a tough decision to make ... and it had not been a good night ... I found myself in a place where the hurt and the sorrow had taken over ...

This morning I crawled out of bed with a heavy heart, and a weary soul ... I wanted to be a turtle and pull inside my shell and ignore the world ...

A friend suggested that what I needed to do was take stock of my day and celebrate the good moments, the warm moments, the moments of love and support that came my way, and not only take note of them, but let them define my reality ...

So, I moved through my day mindful of those words, and open to those moments:
supportive words from a community member,
words of thanks for my blog postings,
words of appreciation for a recent funeral,
laughter with my co-worker,
riding my bike instead of walking,
the warmth of the sun,
teasing of my fellow Rotarians
& the laughter that rolled around the tables,
the hug of a friend,
being scared by a pretty cool little kid,
sharing fresh bread with my family,
receiving a text message from a dear friend,
getting a phone call from a friend,
biking out and around the dam,
coffee with my people,
and last in the day
standing underneath a BILLION stars and being awed !!
When I look at it, it's a pretty decent list. There are lots of positives that came in a day that started out hard ... Tomorrow morning I'll start a new list and see what the day brings ...
There's only one way to go and that's up ... and today has started me back on that path ...

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