Sunday, July 01, 2007

Great Living Canadians ...

In my previous posting, on of my "loyal" readers took exception to the number of late great Canadians in the authors list ... So, I offer her my top ten choices for Great LIVING Canadians ...

1) Jean Vanier - Founder of L'Arche, writer, gentleman, and a gentle soul.
2) David Suzuki - Scientist, Environmentalist, Activist, and Media Personality
3) General Romeo Dallaire (re't) - Former Head of the UN Mission to Rwanda, his voice is the conscience of a generation who saw a genocide unfold and did NOTHING ... his book is powerful and painful to read ...
4) Farley Mowat - writer, activist, curmudgeon ... I just love the guy and his writings !!
5) Moshe Safdie - Architect (creator of Habitat in Montreal and the National Gallery in Ottawa)
6) Alex Colville - Painter. (I just love his stuff)
7) Roberta Bondar - Dr, Astronaut, Scientest - 1st Canadian Women in Space!
8) Dan Ackroyd, Eugene Levy, Michael Myers, Jim Carrey, Martin Short, Lorne Michaels, Catherine O'Hara, Rich Little, Steve Smith (aka Red Green), Howie Mandel, Brent Butt, and Tommy Chong - to name just a few of our Canuck Entertainers ...
9) Fergie Jenkins - Baseball Pitcher and member of The Hall of Fame.
10) William Shatner - Actor, "singer" ... come on - Captain Kirk HAS to make the list !!??
11) Oscar Peterson - Musician
12) Tantoo Cardinal, Adam Beach, and Graham Green - First Nations Actors who have made quite the name and reputation for themselves with extra-ordinary skill and acting ability.

I think that will do for now ...
Happy Canada Day !!

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