Thursday, July 26, 2007

On a Journey Just Begun ...

She has been on a journey that began in the early morning
hours of July 26th 1963 in New York City ...
... along the way she has touched many lives,
and brought into being many wondrous things,
not least of which is the Annie Kosh Experience,
aged 9 and counting.
She can be sweet and sarcastic,
she can be understanding and bold as brass,
she can be tough as nails and as fragile as crystal,
she is wise beyond her years,
she is sensitive beyond her life time,
she is creative, luminous, and witty ...
She is one of the creators of the film Cold Tea,
and is best known around here as the
blogger of At the Half Note fame ...
Today, I wish my friend Katie,
a VERY, VERY Happy Birthday
as she continues on her journey of life,
love, discovery and growth ...
You Go Girl !!!
And have a happy one !!!

1 comment:

itzktb said...

Thank you Rev! What a lovely birthday wish!