Saturday, July 28, 2007

I believe inspite of the evidence ...

I have always believed that the Good Guys (the white hats) will always win ... Hollywood promotes it ... our Faith proclaims it ... and even our politicians try to pontificate on it ...

Increasingly though, it seems that the good guys only win in the movies any more ... and even there, in the name of multi-million dollar sequels, sometimes they lose so another film can be put in the proverbial can.

I've lost count of who may times I've heard people say - "You have to accept it. That's just the way it is, and we can't change it ..." when confronted with bad behaviour or systemic injustice.

To that I say - Bull@#%!!!!!!"

We need to move beyond cowardice and complacency.

I cite Rosa Parks who with great courage and at profound risk to herself and her well being stayed in her seat on the bus because SHE KNEW that the only way for things to change was for people of courage and faith to take a stand (or in her case a seat!!).

Rosa Parks said the black hats weren't going to win, not that day ... and even though there is still much work to be done, her simple action of saying "no" when asked to give up her seat, set in motion a sequence of events that forever altered the world ...

If we complacency accept things the way they are, then the bad guys will win ... OR - if we decide things can be different and better - we must become, as Gandhi said, the change we seek.

The bad guys may win the odd battle - but they WILL NOT WIN THE WAR !!!

Like the old adage says - "if not me? Then who? If not now? Then when?"

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