Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting Tonight's Supper Ready:

Tonight we decided to use some left over mashed potatoes to enjoy a feast of gnocchi (a yummy Italian Potatoe pasta).

Usually the preparation of gnocchi is a MAJOR undertaking and consumes HOURS and HOURS, leaving me too tired to enjoy the meal when it is done. Today my day was a tad busier than planned, and I couldn't get home before 5pm ... So, at about 4:30 I called home and asked Ms H. to start by mixing the potatoes and flour at a 3/4 cup of each to one egg ratio and start mixing the dough ...

When I got home at 5, everyone washed their hands, rolled up their sleeves and got busy:

Noahkila and I rolled out the dough into balls and then out into snake like ribbons. Beetle armed with a ulu (a Inuit knife) cut the dough into tiny pieces, which Ms. H. took and flicked on the Gnocchi board making the "noodles" pictured below:

Instead of taking hours to create enough gnocchi pasta to feed us all, we managed to have everything done, cooked and consumed in less than an hour and a half ... and along the way we had a yummy meal, lots of laughs, and EVEN MORE FUN!!!

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Anonymous said...

You can't beat a meal that's yummy AND filled with fun and laughter--trust me, I know! Looks great, I think we should definitely try this in 4H.