Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lessons from Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that we should write (and live) three sentence in regards to anger. They are:

1) I am angry. I suffer.

2) I am doing my best.

3) Please Help me.

He suggests that these words should be directed to a life partner to avoid the intensifying and heightening of conflict due to anger in our intimate relationships. BUT, in his teachings he notes that these words are applicable throughout life. To underscore this lesson he suggests finding a pebble to carry in one's pocket so that when contact is made with the stone, we will immediately call to mind these three teachings.

He writes of this:

Everytime we put our hands in our pocket, we touch the small pebble, and hold it gently. We practise mindful breathing and we feel very peaceful. When anger arises, the pebble becomes the dharma. It reminds us of the three sentences. Just holding the pebble, breathing in and out calmly and smiling , can help you tremendously. ... When you are in school, at work, or out shopping, you have no reminders to bring you back to yourself. So the little pebble in your pocket serves as your teacher ... - it is a bell of mindfulness, allowing your to pause and return to your breathing. ... the pebble ... will help you to go back to your breathing, allow love to be born in you, and keep that love in you alive. It can help keep enlightenment alive in you.

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Anonymous said...

Today I'm going to look for my pebble, thanks.. :)