Friday, November 16, 2007

It's all in how you look at it ...

Recently I've been doing some research on a short story I'm writing and I happened across this picture while looking up information on the DeHavilland Mosquito bomber (the Timber Terror) that saw service in the Second World War.

The caption that accompanied it noted that the gentleman on the right, being a Little Person, (or a dwarf to use the other term) was able to crawl inside the fuselage of the plane and install components in the hard to reach nooks and crannies, thereby helping to boost production.

The thought occured to me, that sometimes a "disability" rest solely in the Point Of View of the person beholding another ... not in the abilities of the person themselves.

When news spread in my family tree that my cousin and his wife were having a baby who was (and is) a dwarf, our Matriarch (Grandma) said - "Oh, she'll be short ..." and when Grandma laid eyes and young E, she announced she was one of the most beautiful babies she had ever seen!!

The only difference between Beetle and E (who are only a few weeks apart in age) is height. E is still an amazing person who happens to be short ...

One last thought - when E was younger the story was told of her confronting people who would stare at her when she and mom were out shopping by saying - "I'm a dwarf, what's your problem?" or something similar.

A disability exists only when people fail to open themselves to the possibilities that exist in ALL human beings!!

Like the saying goes - "God don't make no JUNK !!"

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