Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This young woman is a veteran of Canadian Show Business.
She has been singing professionally for over 16 years.
She has just released her "third" album, with two additional "live" albums.
Her single "Weak In The Knees" is firmly entrenched in Pop Charts in Canada.
She is Canadian.
Her name is Serena Ryder.

And MOST remarkably of all - she is only 23 !!!

Reviewers have described Serena's voice in glowing terms comparing it's deep earthy tone to the likes of Janis Joplin and Aertha Franklin ... she has even been described as "an old soul" who has been here before ... listening to her sing, it's hard to disagree!!

The 15 songs on this "debut" album are all very different from each other, and together highlight nicely the vocal range of this young woman, who's career is just beginning ...

Click below to hear her rendition of "Good Morning Starshine" ... on the second go through in the van coming back from Brandon Ms H was singing along!!!


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